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I am a passionate A-level student. My hobbies include small scale manufacturing/prototyping, electronics design and programming


Piers is an outstanding student, self-motivated and firmly in charge of his destiny. The strongest student that I've had in my 20 years of teaching.
Mr Tony Lyons, Head of Computer Science at Halliford School
Piers, what to say?
You show fantastic knowledge,
Your grade will be A [star].
Mr Vincent Harden-Chaters, Head of Physics at Halliford School

Programs I have made

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Nautilus File Converter

Written in Python, using Python-Nautilus for integration into Nautilus file manager, this application seamlessly integrates with Nautilus, allowing you to easily convert images, audio, videos and documents.

By right clicking on a file within Nautilus, a sub-menu within the context menu will allow you to select the output file. It allows the conversion of many files simultaneously, even if they are of different types (e.g. PNG and JPEG).

About Me

I am an A-level student at Halliford school, I am currently studying Physics, Maths and Further Maths, Computer Science and Economics. I intend to study Engineering at university. I choose to do a 5th A-Level in Economics independently of my school.
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2018 to mid 2019
My online 3D printing business
After buying and building the cheapest 3d printer kit from China in 2018, I started by own, online 3d printing business from my bedroom. Although I started very small, processing a couple orders a week, after a month I was forced to purchase another 3d printer, again opting for the same model.

A few months later, and I purchased another 2 printers. This also forced me to move operations from my bedroom to my garage. I also purchased a laser cutter at this time. Unfortunately, however, the laser cutter erupted in flames after only a week. Being teh cheapest laser cutter I could find, I wasn't expecting much help from the seller, however they did (reluctantly) send me a replacement.

After another few months, I had purchased another 3 printers, and was processing upto 25 orders a day. Some examples of work I produced was parts parts for a model turbine (see picture) and a very large order for a spanish car rental company. Soon before my GCSE exams, I closed down my business to allow me to focus on other projects and exam revision. I learnt lots about 3D printing, machine maintenance, and G-code.
picture of me receiving my gcse results
August 2019
GCSE Reults
I receive the great news of my GCSE results, the best in my school. I achieved a grade 9 (equivalent to A* with distinction) in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, English Literature and Language, Maths and History.

I also achieved an A* with distinction in Further Maths, and a grade 8 (equivalent to A*) in Classical Civilisation
And more in the future